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Within the next 12 months you could be affected by a disaster or a significant business disruption. You could be losing time and money RIGHT NOW because a critical process is delayed, circumvented, or missed altogether. The impact may be a direct hit or an indirect exposure through your suppliers, but make no mistake, if you are in the game the hit is coming.

These days disasters come in many forms and they seem to be coming more frequently. Natural disasters are resulting in significant heartache and disruption for communities and businesses throughout the world: think the Christchurch earthquake sequence (2010 - 2012), Tohuku (Japan) Earthquake and Tsunami (March 2011), the Joplin tornado (May 2011), and the Thailand flood crisis (December 2011).   "Brand disasters" (ACC privacy dispute, News of the World), environmental disasters (Rena Grounding & Oil Spill) and utility disruptions also seem to be occurring more frequently and generating more damage. If you have mapped your options in advance you can protect your employees, your customers, and your brand, and limit the exposure to financial loss.

Why should I invest in Business Continuity Planning?

  • Invest in Business Continuity Planning to save money.
    Your organisation incurs regulatory compliance and insurance costs. A tailored BCP may reduce your risk and consequently the premiums and levies required by insurance companies.

  • Invest in Business Continuity Planning to save time.
    Establishing strategies to respond to business disruptions will reduce the amount of time your business is not trading following a disruptive event.  You may also find more efficient ways of conducting business as usual (bau) while building your BCP.

  • Invest in Business Continuity Planning to build trust and confidence.
    The demand for organisational resilience is increasing, as is the expectation that businesses will have in place business continuity arrangements that meet international best practice.  Incorporate your business continuity achievements in your marketing strategy.

  • Protect your investments. 
    The employees, facilities, information systems, and resources that ensure your business meets its goals and objectives are your most important assets.  Plan to protect your assets.

Business Continuity to meet your business needs

Black Cloud Continuity Planning will work with you to ensure that your needs are met. We can help you implement a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) in your organization, or provide consultancy services on aspects of business continuity, emergency response management, disaster recovery, and cyber security.

For advice or assistance simply call Esther on 021 554 598 or alternatively you can email Esther

About Black Cloud Continuity Planning

Black Cloud Continuity Planning is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Established just 3 days before the September 2010 Canterbury earthquake, the company quite literally got off to a shaky start. The images used on this site record many of the changes experienced in the recent past.

Esther Newman
Black Cloud Continuity Planning

Are you hiding from your Disaster Recovery responsibilities?


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